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“Day off is a project born to tell as most of the aged population faces the pandemic. Is an ironic and colorful story of a closing dark time that these people have had to faced.. Alone or in company. “

A project by Isabella Maione
Styling Isabella Maione
Photographer Nicola Milano
Assistant photographer Francesca Caiazzo

Sweetshirt : Barrow ; Tracksuit: Barrow ; Socks: Barrow; Sneakers: Yeeze Boost 350
Jacket: Marni ; T-shirt : Nike; Tracksuit: IHS ; Socks: Barrow ; Sneakers: Jordan (1 Retro High Shattered Backboard)
Credits (Man) :
Shirt: Etro; Sweater: Ami Paris ; Trouser: Cerruti; Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Credits (Women) :
Shirt: Balenciaga; Skirt: Maison Margiela ; Collant: Calzedonia ; Shoes: Deimille ;

Emira M'sakni

Emira M'sakni

Founder e Creative director @spaghettimag Cool Hunter | Sun Addict | Moody |