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TO BE (whatever), Being anything is the starting point of our project. In a society in continuous evolution, in continuous change, even the human being follows this route ?

With this editorial we want to explore and tell the change and metamorphosis that man can assume in his life.

“The ability to become freely and consciously one or more of an in nite number of genders for any time and for any number of changes.” , these are the words of the American feminist author Kate Bornstein (1994) on how gender uidity should be understood.

Being, or rather gender, the protagonist of our story is seen as a mutant, played by a man, ap- parently male and a woman, apparently female.

Through the use of three colors, white, beige and black, and with the use of minimal garments, neutral, transparent and use of accessories such as corsets, hats that recreate a similar head, bags with anatomical shapes and artwork where the method is changed and the use of mate- rials makes the story.

White = Origin Beige = Becoming Black = Absence


PHOTOGRAPHY & CASTING Marialuisa Mungiello
HAIR Ferdinando Imperato
MAKE-UP Mariella Tortora
STARING Nadia Naike and Giuseppe Benedetto (CMCmodelscrew)
SPECIL THANKS for CLOTHES to Lorenzo Seghezzi, Davide Poloni, Claudia Valente, Alessia Scasserra, for BAGS Pasquale De Lise, for ARTWORK to Fortunato Ciannilli

Emira M'sakni

Emira M'sakni

Founder e Creative director @spaghettimag Cool Hunter | Sun Addict | Moody |