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The work created here is a collection of looks inspired by the New Romantic musical movement. We have collected the elements, that are necessary to realize this shooting, where the uniform of the conductor and the shirts with flounces manage to create a dialogue with the movements of the model. In all this, we see a recovery of this past period with a nostalgic vision.

Stylist: Antonio Maria Palese
Fotografia: Alina Belova
Modello: Lorenzo Abbadessa

Le camicie e i costumi vintage provengono da:
PwcMilano @pwcmilano
Scarpe Dr.Martins
pantaloni Trussardi
Camicia nera Dolce&Gabbana

Emira M'sakni

Emira M'sakni

Founder e Creative director @spaghettimag Cool Hunter | Sun Addict | Moody |