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We are a group of young people who work in the world of production and creative content within fashion. After a long period of research we would like to bring to your attention to a photography project, inspired by Hajime Sorayama, the Japanese illustrator who is famous for his robot women, both erotic and magnetic. Our objective is to look at it with a contemporary eye, his strong, indestructible women, while analysing in a lighter way the problems women still have today, with discrimination and power. To make the features with make a female universe stand out, creating an imaginary time both with strong and sensual, attractive but alien women.

Art Direction and Photography: Adriana Sydney
Styling: Camilla La Gala
Model: Glyne Mae
MUA and Hair: Bianca Bagnoli
Grafic: Polly
Assistant MUA and Hair: Elisa Maisetti
Light Assistant: Antonio D ’amora
Assistant Styling: Giovanna Silvestri
Agency: Women Management Milano
Location: Milano