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Art Director and Stylist: Lorraine Betta
Photographer: Lorenza Daprà
Makeup: Christina Correa
Hair: Sara Betta
Assistant Stylist: Eleonora Bordin
Model: Martina Eccher

1 look
• Pearl earrings by Port’Arte
• Black velvet top dress with embroidery by Sous Vintage Shop
• Necklace, stockings and shoes belong to the Stylist

2 look
• Earrings by Sous Vintage Shop
• Black wide collar jacket by V/B Studio by Viviana Bertolini
• Roberto Capucci blue foulard by Sous Vintage Shop
• Black Alexander McQueen skirt and stockings belong to the Stylist
• Brown leather bag by Sous Vintage Shop

3 look
• Foulard and circle pleated skirt belong to the Stylist
• Black chiffon blouse by V/B Studio by Viviana Bertolini
• Leather gloves by Sous Vintage Shop
• Ring and bag belong to the Model
• Sergio Rossi shoes by Sous Vintage Shop

Emira M'sakni

Emira M'sakni

Founder e Creative director @spaghettimag Cool Hunter | Sun Addict | Moody |