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Photographer & Art Director: Martina Oliva
Model: Laura Zuinisi Model Agency: @Whynotmodels @Glamour_model_management
Make-Up Artist: Vanessa Forlini
Stylist: Benedetta Cecere

Every person is a work of art.

We are glimpsed works of art. We cannot be separated from what we see. Not only do we see it, but we feel the need of graviting towards the piece. It attract us.
It is natural and spontaneous
We are urged to know it. When we get in touch with it we start re ecting, we need to know more and more.
Ideas grow, a critical yet still not emotional thought is built. We build a deep relationship.
Eyes and mind are fed. We are evrything but indi erent. That meeting enriches us, we are not the same anymore.
This is how we should approach people, with the same intention that leads us towards the works of art, with the same hungry curiosity.

Every person is a work of art.
Everyone, with their own facets, their beauty, their criticalities, their story shaping features, character, substance. Knowing before judgjing.
Only in this way the emotions inside us are shaped and we are able to understand the reason for each detail, because nothing is random nor senseless.

Eva Bernard

Eva Bernard

Art Director